Little Miner 2: Endless Adventures

An endless world of adventures in mines

⛏️ Create your own unlimited mines.
⛏️ Mine gold, iron, coal and diamonds
⛏️ Sell, buy, produce everything you need for your adventures.
⛏️ Save your name on the wall of glory among the best players from all over the world!

The Infinite Adventures of the Little Miner is a family game in which the goal is to extract raw materials from the mines that you create. There is no danger in them. You don't have to be afraid of passing time. The created mine can be visited at any time - the state of the game will not disappear (unless you start a new adventure).

You can sell the extracted resources and buy the necessary tools for the money you have gained. You can also use the raw materials to produce the necessary items.

The game will be developed all the time. New deposits and new items will be available for purchase or production. It is up to you what will appear in the game - just write to me. I will answer for sure!

Together we can create a pretty cool world!